Have you ever thought about how you can achieve unprecedented breakthrough in your business this year? Irrespective of your business sector, there are some ideas you need to revisit to boost your business, if you are not already implementing them- By Ranti Adedeji

  1. Build a website

It is apparent that you can no longer do business today without a website; otherwise you are not better than “somebody blinking in the dark.” You need a website with detailed information about your company and products or services. It is also important to have useful articles that are relevant to your sector on the website.

People now do business across the world, and there is a limit to which you can explain your business by mere words of mouth to potential clients/customers who are based abroad. You will save yourself the rigours of repeating explanations to all business inquiries because all you need to do is to simply direct them to your website and leave them to decide when to start buying from you.

However, you have to ensure that all the information on your website; in whatever format they come: letters, pictures, graphics, infograghics, animations, audio or videos, are true representation of what your outfit is all about. So, from the on-set, you have to ensure that you provide the web developer all the necessary information; or better still, you cross-check all the information, if you hire a content developer to provide the information.

In summary, your website is your true business identity and ought to truly represent you, all the time.

  1. Engage in Multi-channel Publicity

It is true that some businesses have actually gone far beyond their initial approval in the market, yet others are struggling to maintain their little you need. This means you must be found everywhere your target audience is looking.

What channels of publicity do you consider most suitable for your business? Is it the conventional method like Newspapers, Radio, Television and Social Media; or simply, less expensive ones like large format banners, T-shirts, posters, handbills, souvenirs and several others. The operating word in using any of them is consistency in order to become visible to your target market.

  1. Be actively involved in Business Networking

This means you or your staff have to appear before your target audience, either face-to-face or on Social Media. Business networking is meeting a large group of people face-to-face to form mutually beneficial business relationships. How many people presently know that you are in your kind of business? How do you intend to increase the number of people doing business with you?

To succeed in business, you need two things; connections and opportunities. You need people to connect you with opportunities; people from various background, profession, tribe, social status, religion and political leanings.

The more people you know, the more connections you have; and the more business opportunities you have. No matter where your business is located, if you have a very strong network, you will always get continuous patronage and invariably; increase your revenue, which is the main purpose of being in business.

Recently increase in the use of Social Media has made business networking a lot easier. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp among several others, provide platforms where people can interact without ever meeting themselves, from the on-set. This method of networking is known to have led to mutually beneficial business opportunities. In fact, large corporate organisations are now embracing Social Media to reach target audience. However, this should not be exclusively adopted at the expense of face-to-face networking.

  1. Increase your Clients/Customer Database and Carry-out Cold-Calling

How many people are currently partronising your business? What efforts are you making to increase this figure this New Year? Remember, that you need more – and more – people to sustain your business. You can gather the information of old clients and renew contacts with them; better still, you can buy bulk emails and phone numbers to “fish” for new clients.

Besides, you have to make phone calls to people you think matters to your business. You do not need to know them before you call them; once you can lay your hands on their phone numbers through leads generation. It is a means of “breaking the ice.” You can then follow this up with an email and then, a visit; but remember to arm yourself with a written business proposal or presentation to drive home your point.

  1. Research and Development

A lot of businesses are retarded by complacency because their owners never thought about improving on their performances in the “market square” where they are considered widely accepted. They simply do not think that there is always a room for improvement in order to retain the leadership position they have long enjoyed.

Since you do not want to repeat exactly what you did last year; no matter how successful, there is need to improve the Research and Development unit of your organisation to engender new ideas, derive potential market demands for your products/services and become familiar with innovations in your business sector.

However, if there is no separate department for this yet in your Organisation, you might want to add this to your responsibilities or hire a business consultant to handle this for you.

One a final note, if you need a business website or wants to upgrade old ones; buy bulk emails and phone numbers;  print publicity materials or wants Media coverage, kindly contact: 08137843401 or visit: www.propertynews.com.ng

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