This is a platform where various groups of  prospective home owners interact to help their decision-making in the right direction.  It is an opportunity to be among people of like-minds and fast-track your action into personal home ownership this year. If you belong to any of these groups, it is time to take action; and join because of its diverse advantages.

  1. Those who are planning to own a landed property this year.

One of the happiest days in life is the day you are able to buy a piece of land. In fact, it is a landmark achievement that indicates that one is making headway in life.

Besides, it is an investment that you would outlive and bequeath on your children. It is indeed, a worthy investment. Moreover, recent downtrend in the capital market has come to put investment in landed property ahead of stocks, which used to be the toast of investors.

Investment advisers are of the opinion that investment in landed property is not only for the purpose of having a roof on one’s head, but it is also a means of generating income for business expansion. Particularly, landed property is a credible collateral when seeking loans from banks.

So, there is no other time to take that decision than now. This is mainly because of constant increase in prices of landed properties. For instance, a plot of land at Greenfield Estate, Ibeju-Lekki, which was N550, 000 at the beginning of 2019, is now N750, 000.

Anyone who missed the opportunity would need additional N200, 000 to buy a plot now, whereas, those who had taken the advantage that time would now reap N200,000 from their capital investment.

As a member of this forum, we assist you to make that move, without any further delay. There are plots of land and houses where you can invest your money and go to sleep with your two eyes closed; and then wake-up to reap huge return on your investment.

2. Those who need basic guidance about how to obtain Approved Building Plan.

It is mandatory to get an approved building plan, which is a permit from appropriate authorities in Nigeria, before construction can commence. Getting an approved building plan is necessary because of the need to ensure that every physical development comply with the building regulations and approval procedures of the state in which they are built. Besides, it is evidence to proof that appropriate authorities or agencies are aware of such construction.

Getting approved building plan is a prerequisite before embarking on any physical development all across the country; and a number of documents are required to be submitted when applying for an approved building plan. Although, most of the documents are not applicable to every type of development, however, some of them are compulsory.

The type of documents you will be asked to produce will depend basically on the kind of building you are planning to build. For instance, if you are looking at a 3-bedroom bungalow, you may be required to produce only the Architectural Drawings, Survey Plan, Title Document, Tax Clearance, Development Levy and some others. But, if your building is about ten storeys, then be ready to produce more documents.

Meanwhile, if all your documents are complete, then there is no further delay in the approval processes, although the period of time for getting the final approval usually varies with the type of building. The duration for a bungalow would be different from that of a 10-storey building.

Although, the approval processes would normally take about 60 days, there are a lot of protocols that often constitute bottlenecks at various town planning offices. Several applicants have either been exploited by officials or have their applications rejected after they have spent a lot of money in the process.

What are the documents required for approval and what are the standard required for the architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical drawings you have to present at the town planning office? We put you through the necessary steps and ensure that you obtain approval for your building without any stress.

3. Those who already have a plot of land and planning to start building personal house.

There are a lot of intricacies in the construction of a building, apart from the technical aspect of it; and it takes experience and it takes a high degree of finesse to handle them. For new home-owners, some of these issues may constitute a put-off; and most times, waste of time and money on the project, if not properly handled from the on-set.

For instance, someone asked to know how much of an area of a plot of land he can develop?” I used the standard measurement of a plot in Lagos to explain. Where you have a plot measuring 36 metres by 18 metres, the State’s building regulation provides that you leave airspaces or setbacks of 3 metres from all sides of the building, except in the front where the setback is 6 metres, from the back of the road.

If you add all these setbacks together, you will get 324 square metres, which is exactly half of the whole plot. This means that the remaining developable area is also 324 square metres. Even though, your building may or may not cover the entire remaining 324 square metres, you are mandated to comply with the setback requirements.

This is just one of several issues you have to understand before moving to site. You also have to decide if you need a building contractor or you want to handle the project yourself, if you have to time.

Also, would you need a project manager to stand in for you, when you hire a contractor; in order to ensure that the contractor is actually doing what he is supposed to do in accordance with various project drawings, specifications and the money he has collected.

4. Those who need assistance to choose a befitting location to build a personal house.

One of the advantages of building your own house is that you can decide the location you want, once you have the money to purchase a piece of land in your desired neighbourhood.

Imagine you have lived in one part of the city for a very long time, perhaps you even grew up in the locality, it is time to relocate to your dream setting. One of the reasons Lekki axis, Lagos, is enjoying such a rapid growth is that a lot of property owners there have lived on the Mainland too long, hence yearning for a change.

If you decide to build, you will have the house designed and built to your specific needs and preferences. You decide the number of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, dining, study, garage, verandas and their sizes. You also determine the type of building and the number of floors. All you need is to “command” your architect to design your house with his professional input in line with the latest trends in building.

However, you need to understand the new neighbourhood where you want to build your house. What is nature of the ground: Is it firm or water-prone, leveled or sloppy? Since the nature of the ground determines the cost of the building, you need to cross-check before committing your money.

It is important to consider issues like closeness to access roads, electricity and other social infrastructure when it comes to where you intend to live.

5. Those who want to buy a landed property within a pocket-size budget.

What is your budget for your desired landed property? The impression that it costs a huge amount of money to own a house has hindered many people from spending their savings or earnings on landed properties, instead lavish them on frivolities.

However, you can own a landed property with whatever amount of money you have at hand; and at any particular time. There two basic options: you either buy in a location where you can afford or use what you have as a deposit for a landed property and spread what is left a balance over a period of time.

We have information about what matches your budget and properties you can buy on instalmental basis.

6. Those who have a request; either to buy land or a personal house.

Do you have a request to buy a plot of land or a house in your desired location? Is it Duplex, Bungalow, Mansion, Terrace, or block of flats? Or do you need advice on any issue pertaining to property ownership, either for  now or later?

Membership of this forum affords you unlimited access to answers to any issue that may be bothering your mind. Our team, with other professional and legal partners, are at your service.

7. Those who need property documents like: Survey, Building Plan, Certificate of Occupancy (C of O).

It is not enough to buy a piece of land; you have to be able to prove that you are the rightful owner. You need some government documents that confer legal ownership on you; otherwise all you have spent on the land could as well be described as a “dead investment.” In essence, you have to perfect the titles.

We provide you with adequate information about the importance of these important documents, the procedures for obtaining them and the likely bottlenecks to encounter in the process.

If you belong to any of these groups, join the Home Owners’ Forum now; and see your dream of personal home ownership become a reality without hassles.

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