In a previous piece titled “PROVE THE OWNERSHIP” I explained that getting approved building plan is one of the means of laying genuine claim of ownership on your landed property. Below is the list of documents you will be required to submit anytime you are applying for building approval. Although, some of the documents are not applicable to every type of development, but you will need some of them.

By Ranti Adedeji

It is mandatory to get building plan approval, which is a permit from appropriate authorities in Nigeria before construction can commence.

Getting a building plan approval is an indication that the building complies with building laws and regulations. Besides, it is evidence to proof that appropriate authorities or agencies are aware of such construction.

Therefore, obtaining a Development Permit from the Lagos State Physical Planning and Development Authority (LASPPDA), a parastatal under the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development is the very first step to take when you want to start building in Lagos state. To do otherwise, may attract the wrath of government monitoring agency, especially the Lagos State Building Control Agency, (LASBCA).

Among other objectives, LASBCA was established to ensure that all building construction works are carried out according to specification and thorough drawing detailing according to minimum standard stipulated by Building Codes.

So, it is expected that stakeholders get building approval before mobilizing to site; and adhere strictly to them while construction is going on.


  1. 5 sets of Architectural drawing
  2. 5 sets of structural drawings and calculation sheets
  3. 5 sets of Mechanical and Electrical drawings (If applicable)
  4. Letter of supervision from COREN registered engineers for the structural drawings.
  5. Certified true copy of Title Document (Certificate of Occupancy, Registered Conveyance, Governor’s Consent, Letter of Allocation)
  6. Confirmation Letter from Lands in Lieu of Consent (if applicable)
  7. Clearance Letter from L.U.A.C. (if applicable)
  8. Clearance letter from Housing, Fire, Transportation and Drainage (if Applicable)
  9. Copy of Confirmation letter from NTDA (if applicable)
  10. Copy of Demand notice for current year ground rent (if applicable)
  11. Evidence of payment of ground rent (if Applicable)
  12. Soil Test report (if applicable)
  13. Environmental Impact Analysis Report (if applicable)
  14. 5 Copies of Survey Plan and 1 original
  15. Tenement rate receipt, Land Use charge or sworn affidavit in lieu of tenement rate
  16. 2 Passport Photograph of Applicant(s)
  17. Electronic tax clearance of applicant (with copy of last payment receipt for tax).
  18. Two directors tax clearance (if applicant is company name)
  19. Copy of certificate of incorporation (if applicant is company)
  20. Copy of most recent company tax clearance
  21. Evidence of Pay as You Earn of company
  22. Development Levy receipt
  23. Evidence of payment of assessment fees
  24. Site Photograph

The type of documents you will be asked to produce will depend basically on the kind of building you are planning to build. For instance, if you are looking at a 3-bedroom bungalow, you may be required to produce only the Architectural Drawings, Survey Plan, Title Document, Tax Clearance, Development Levy and some others. But, if your building is about 10-storeys, then be ready to produce more documents from the list above.

Meanwhile, if all your documents are complete, then there is no further delay in the approval processes, although  the period of time for getting the final approval usually varies with the type of building. The duration for a bungalow would be different from that of a 10-storey building. However,  the approval processes would normally take about 60 days, barring all odds.

To start with approval process, you must propose a building plan (Architectural Drawings) stipulating the kind of house you want to build. This is what you or your representative would present at the town planning office nearest to the location of the proposed building.

The building plan would first undergo a process of vetting; that is, the drawing is checked by the town planning officials to ensure that it complies with set standards. This is where you mostly need our services; to prepare the building plans for you. We can also process the drawings to the approval stage; besides, we provide you with free consultancy regarding property documentations.

In case you have any question or require our assistance, do not hesitate to contact:


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