For beginners in real estate investment, there are some residential estates where you can buy plots of land for less than N1 million. You can even pay installmentally. Even though, there are other chargeable fees – By RantiAdedeji

Until very lately, N1 million used to be a huge amount of money, both in volume and in value. When the highest denomination of currency in the country was N200, you can imagine how many sacks would be required to carry one million Naira.

Similarly, the amount could buy so much at the international market when the Naira was competing favourably with “hard” currencies like the Euro, Pound and the Dollar.

However, these days; with the introduction of N1,000 note, “my friends” in Balogun, ASPAMDA or Toyota Spare Parts markets can put one million Naira in their pockets and still raise their hands and exclaim; “Una, money no de o.”

Nevertheless, N1 million is enough money to start an investment in real estate with its accruable huge returns on investment. To achieve success in this regard, one needs a covert knowledge of locations that has the potentials of high-value appreciation over a period of time.

One of such prime locations is the Lekki Free Trade Zone axis, which is geographically located in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos. The location is home to quite a large number of topmost residential estates and presently selling plots of land at pocket-friendly prices, yet has potentials of huge value appreciation.


Looking for a comfortable and luxurious investment opportunity with maximum return on investment for your unborn generation in an excellent prime location?

GREENFIELD COURT II is just a perfect place for you as an awesome investment in a strategic and perfect location at Igbekodo, IbejuLekki Lagos. 5 Minutes Drive from Lekki Free Trade Zone.

PRICE:      N550,000.

TITLE:      Excision in progress

SIZE:         600 square metre


Introducing The Peninsula Homes 1, an alluring and beautiful estate perfectly position for smart investors who desire luxury and comfort in a serene environment away from traffic and noise pollution within the new Lagos economy.

Peninsula Homes is located within the neighbourhood of the Lekki Free Trade Zone, less than 2 mins drive from the prestigious La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort IbejuLekki.

TITLE:      Excision in progress

SIZE:         600 square metre

PRICE        N700, 000


Greenacre Estate is an amazing and terrific garden located in a serene environment of the new economic centre of Lagos. It is suitable for strictly residential purpose and easily accessible, which is an investment with a very high return on investment (ROI).

This exotic and exquisite garden is located at Akodo, which is 3 minutes drive from La Campagne Tropicana, along the Lekki Free Trade Zone, IbejuLekki.

TITLE:       Excision in Progress.

SIZE:         600 square metre

PRICE:       N800, 000


Royal flex estate 3 is an amazing and terrific garden located in a serene environment of the new economic centre of Lagos, that is, the Free Trade Zone, Ibeju-Lekki. It is suitable for strictly residential purposes and easily accessible.

TITLE:      Excision in process

SIZE:         600 square metres

PRICE:       N800, 000


Heavens paradise Phase 2 is located in a naturally beautiful atmosphere of Ora estate, in Eredo Local Government Epe Lagos.

Title:                Excision in Progress

Plot Size:          600 square metres

Price:               N810, 000

These are lofty investment portfolios for beginners and they all have huge potentials for value appreciation within a short period of time. However, apart from the cost of the land, there are other chargeable fees, which include payment for Survey plan, Documents and Development fees.

You will notice that lands in these estates are covered by titles describes as “Excision in progress.”  This means the process of getting the village land excised by the State government has been initiated as evidenced by the File number.

Excision is the right of the community to have portions of land surrounding their local settlement released to them for expansion purposes in accordance with the 1978 land Use Act, which recognises ancestral ownership of land.

Now, what is the difference between these type of lands and lands belonging to “Omo-Onile.” These are lands that have been bought by various companies from the traditional owners, known as the “Omo-Onile” and the companies have surveyed the land and paid necessary fees to the government having been confirmed from any encumbrance. This means there is an assurance of approval than rejection by the State’s Land Registry, unlike the “Omo-Onile” land whose status has not been determined and remains government property.

The benefit of investing in land with this status is that once the Excision is granted, the price is reviewed upwards. The present price can be increased by 50% or more. Imagine you buy six plots of land at N500, 000 each, and the price is increased by 50% when the Excision is granted, the price becomes N750, 000. And if you leave it to appreciate for one year, the price can jump to as high as N1.5 million. This means that your initial capital of N3 million has become N9 million within one year, yielding a whopping N6 million.

What is your decision now? How many plots do you want to start your investment with? To get started, you need to take these 3 steps:

  1. Plan to visit any of the estates today.
  2. Decide on which payment plan is most suitable for you.
  3. Fill the subscriber’s form and pay into the designated bank account.


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